[XML-SIG] XML Event in San Francisco 10/14/99

DLesner123@aol.com DLesner123@aol.com
Wed, 6 Oct 1999 16:56:02 EDT

The San Francisco Bay Area Association of Database Developers (ADD) will be 
holding its Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 14, from 6:45 PM to 10:00 PM.

ADD is a nonprofit organization which currently runs Special Interest Groups 
that focus on FoxPro, Access and Internet database development.

    SFSU Downtown Center
    425 Market Street
    Room 2601
    San Francisco, CA

    This year we're providing a huge assortment of party platters from 
Chevy’s, along with cold beverages. 

    The cost for guests, nonmembers, and expired members will be $10 for the 
presentation and an optional $10 for dinner.  There is a five dollar discount 
on admission for members of the XML SIG.  

    Please RSVP via e-mail, and indicate whether you will be bringing one or 
more guests.

    6:45 - Check-in, renew memberships, website photos 
    7:00 - Dinner, introduction of board candidates, balloting
    7:45 - Presentation
    8:30 - 15-minute break, announcement of election results
    8:45 - Presentation
    9:45 - Wrap-up

    Rick Strahl, West Wind Technologies

    Building Distributed Applications with XML

This session introduces the concepts of building applications that share data 
and logic across the Web using HTTP and XML as the messaging mechanism. This 
session reviews the benefits of using XML for data representation and then 
describes examples of how you can use XML in distributed Web applications to 
communicate between client and server sides. The focus is on extending 
existing applications by using the Web and XML to extend existing 
functionality onto the Web. Rick will also introduce some powerful tools that 
simplify XML generation.

Several examples will be shown on how to use XML on the different clients 
with data provided from the server. Visual FoxPro and Internet Explorer will 
be used to demonstrate, but the concepts can be applied to any programming 
language/environment that supports an XML parser and the ability to access 
the HTTP protocol to communicate with a Web server.

Watch for updates at:
 - Dean Lesner
 - Vice-president
 - SF Bay Area Association of Database Developers