[XML-SIG] Scriptics Connect

Vladimir Marangozov Vladimir.Marangozov@inrialpes.fr
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 15:41:53 +0100 (NFT)

Guido van Rossum <guido@cnri.reston.va.us> wrote:
> Scriptics (John Ousterhout's Tcl/Tk company) has launched an XML
> offensive called Scriptics Connect.
> See http://www.scriptics.com/products/connect/
> Has anyone seen this in action?  What should be our response?  Python
> used to be #1 in the XML scripting world -- lately, I don't see that
> much activity... :-(

Seen my "Hello" message? It was written from an end-user point of view,
and formulates a wish, which involves bits of code from:

1) The XML-SIG (for basic XML processing support)
2) FourThought (the first who propose a Python implementation of the ongoing
   standardization on XML styles and style transformations)
3) Zope (hiding the complexity of all this [and more] behind a user-friendly
   Web interface)

That would be a real response!
(and obviously, I'm not limiting myself to the mission of the XML-SIG)

Currently, I'm investigating how I can put these pieces together, eventually
help the 4T unfinished XSLT development and end up with a tool which covers
the whole Web documents development process, according to the standards.

Unfortunately, Zope is unacceptable for me in it's current state and is
not up to date with the standards. The Python XML code is, or will be
shortly. Having these pieces together would be a must. A complete (100%
Python-based) open-source solution is a dream for every Web developer
(and a lot of people will become Web content publishers in the future,
 even my grand-ma ;-) if we give them the tools and explain them how to
do it the right way.

I don't know yet what kind of effort it will cost me/us to achieve
what I described, but I thought that emphasizing my (still external)
point of view (without looking into the details) doesn't hurt :-)

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