[XML-SIG] Hello

Patrick Phalen xml-sig@teleo.net
Sat, 30 Oct 1999 22:04:45 -0700

[Vladimir Marangozov, on Sat, 30 Oct 1999]:

:: Bummer. I'm already way too much off-topic for this forum.

Hmmm. Is a discussion of Python, XML, and an application server
platform which is *built* out of Python off-topic for this forum? Not
in my view and I would hope that others here find this a worthwhile
line of inquiry.

Three years from now, will you be surprised if the payload of 50% of
the packets shipped on the Internet (and across narrowband wireless,
for that matter) is XML? I won't, especially counting automated
machine to machine communications, behind the scenes, for ecommerce,
financial transactions, news and who knows what else. 

Nor will I be surprised to see Python and Zope playing key roles in
this new Web of logic. There are ways in which Python, Zope and
developments in XML have converged on very similar solutions
already (e.g., look at the WebBroker specs for namespaces).

I can understand and sympathize with Chris's view. Digital Creations
already has its hands full inventing a new business model on a day by
day basis; they need to focus on their current strategy. Nevertheless,
Zope has "good bones" and perhaps the best shot at being first to the
party with a coherent top to bottom XML model.

I admit I too was a bit suspicious of hype when I first heard people
begin to discuss means of storing data in XML. Nevertheless, I find it
intriguing that the discussion list at
http://www.egroups.com/group/xml-server/info.html was started only one
week ago, but already has 120 posts and is converging on a plan.

But anyway, that's why Zope, Python and XML are open Vladimir!
So that an aficianado like you, with your own view of things, can lift
the hood and start tinkering. :)