[XML-SIG] XBEL features

Mark Nottingham mnot@mnot.net
Sat, 11 Sep 1999 13:13:13 +1000

While we're on the subject of XBEL, I really like it; however, it would be
great if it supported the 'description' field in Netscape.

Why? I've written a quick-n-dirty Netscape bookmark parser that formats
bookmarks and folders of them into HTML. It uses the description field to
both enable displaying a description, and to give the parser hints as to
whether the folder / item should be displayed.

The upshot is that you can have a cron job on your machine that regularly
reads your bookmarks and parses them into Web pages, while not showing those
that you set the description field to 'no'. Very handy.

You can see this at
and the script is at

It would be great to do this with XBEL to make it cross-browser, but I
really need that description field support. Possible? (I don't know if there
is a description analogue, or safe way to store it, in the other bookmark
formats out there).


Mark Nottingham, Melbourne Australia