[XML-SIG] XML, python & CGI.

stu scongdon@lucent.com
Thu, 06 Apr 2000 13:51:51 +0100

I am trying to write a cgi script in python that processes an XML doc
against a XSL sheet to produce HTML. However I am having some problems.

I have written most of the script and its fine, however to do the
translation I use a command line (UNIX) command to invoke XT. From
within an interactive session it works fine. I use:

x = os.popen(process_cmd + " /path/XML/" + real_button1 + ".xml
/home/scongdon/XML/" + real_button2 + ".xsl", 'w')

which places the correct arguments on the command line, and I receive
the correct HTML response.

However I cannot figure out how to put this command into a cgi script so
the output from my command line command, produces the final webpage. All
I get is a server error. or no output at all