[XML-SIG] XML, python & CGI.

stu scongdon@lucent.com
Mon, 10 Apr 2000 09:25:30 +0100

> Is your difficulty mainly:
> 1) You don't know how to get your web server to launch Python against the
> script, or
> 2) You can run the Python script as a cgi page OK, but the server complains
> about the output contents, or
> 3) You can run Python but don't know how to get the form variables from a
> form in the calling html page to the script, or
> 4) something else?

Thankk you for the info, my problem is that I can get the cgi script to work with a default "the script has worked" output line however when
I place the following line into the script and try to evaluate it:

x = os.popen(process_cmd + " /path/XML/" + real_button1 + ".xml
/home/scongdon/XML/" + real_button2 + ".xsl", 'w')

then I get the server error. I will work through your suggestions and let you know what happens