[XML-SIG] Python 1.6 and XML

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Thu, 13 Apr 2000 10:05:46 -0600

Juergen Hermann wrote:

> >Seriously, xmllib and pyexpat are parsers, 4DOM is a DOM library -- big
> >difference.  4DOM actually uses pyexpat and xmlproc (indirectly, through
> >pysax) for parsing.
> OK, that clears up the "how are they related" part a lot. Now say I want to make
> 4DOM use Xerces-C++ (with appropriate wrappers around it, of course), is that
> possible?

Yes.  All you need to do is add a Xerces.py or so to Ft.Dom.Reader
implementing the methods (FromXml, FromXmlFile, etc.) as in Sax.py and
Sax2.py.  The hard part, of course, would be wrapping Xerces for
Python/SAX.  But I'm sure even non-4DOM users would be grateful if you
were able to do so and contribute it to the XML-SIG.

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