[XML-SIG] Python 1.6 and XML

Robin Becker robin@jessikat.demon.co.uk
Sat, 15 Apr 2000 12:08:22 +0100

It may be easy for you guys to nuke xmllib, but what will we be able to
use instead. I'm forced to use some version of xmllib as that makes
client installation a bit easier. I see differences between xmllib as
supplied in xml-sig and python 1.5.2, how am I to proceed when these two
versions can't even agree on the significance of ']' or the syntax_error
argument list?

Do I bite the bullet and go with another parser for simple parsing and
if so which? The xml-sig should take a leadership role and at least give
some guidance on these issues. I don't need SAX2 (yet), but please give
us something.
Robin Becker