[XML-SIG] 4XPath under Win32

Uche Ogbuji uogbuji@fourthought.com
Tue, 18 Apr 2000 15:01:55 -0600

> I'm involved in a project where we need a working XPath python library and
> due to circumstances beyond our control we are tied to the Win32 platform.
> I've also been searching for other XPath implementations but 4XPath seems to
> be the safest bet to me. So, my question is: what's the ETA on a version of
> 4XPath that works under Win32?

Actually, Oliver Gathmann already contributed a Windows port for 4XPath.  I 
just never put it on the FTP because I assumed most people would want 4XSLT as 
well.  I went ahead and put up Oliver's binary at


I'd like to stress that we haven't tested this much in-house (we just ran a 
basic test on it), and that if you have any support questions, please post 
them to the 4Suite mailing list (4suite@fourthought.com), which Oliver read as 
well as Fourthought staff, and the appropriate person might be able to help.

Note that we are working on a more permanent solution for 4XSLT and 4XPath on 
Windows (it's not just the platform port: we are moving the packages to use 
BisonGen, which can already generate Windows binaries).  The ETA on this is 
still in April.

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