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Sat, 22 Apr 2000 19:06:45 +0200

"Andrew M. Kuchling" wrote:
> To my horror, the two parts of the XML schema WDs are 520K and 360K of
> HTML; that's huge!  (XML 1.0 is 188K.)  Didn't people want schemas
> because they thought DTD syntax was too complicated?

It looks so, yes. But it's all XML, no DTD needed,
and it is much more powerful and easy to read.
To get a feeling, I suggest to grab a demo copy
of XMLAuthority at http://www.extensiblity.com and
play with it. Create a simple document structure,
and save it as DTD and as Schema.
This is quite impressive and convincing.

Writing a schema processor would not involve to write a
new XML parser per se, but you would use an existing,
probably non-validating parser, maybe one that validates
the XSD file.
But generating the rules from the XSD files is then already
completely Python's task, since what we generate is a set
of rules which are used as the validating/processing part
for data files which make use of that schema.
These rules would be put on top of a fast non-validating

ciao - chris

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