[XML-SIG] RELAX in lieu of XML Schema?

Christian Tismer tismer@trixie.triqs.com
Mon, 24 Apr 2000 15:18:09 +0200

Michael McLay wrote:
> Andrew M. Kuchling writes:

[horror about spec size]

> The Schema committee lost control of the scope of the project.  A
> typical standards committee mistake.  Yet another standard that may
> have become so complex that it will never be consistently
> implemented.  I'd like to see XML Schema available for Python, but I'd
> be happy with any DTD replacement mechanism be used that allows typing
> information and namespaces to be managed.
> Has anyone looked at RELAX, http://www.xml.gr.jp/relax/ ? It is a
> smaller and easier to implement alternative to XML Schema.  Here's a
> quote from an article about RELAX that sums up why I think it might be
> a good first step towards adding schema capabilities to Python.

Hmm, I had a quick look, but it's quite hard to judge
just from reading, since there is no 1-to-1 comparison
to Schema provided.

[article snipped]

> The C++ code isn't available in a format I recognize.  The file name
> is regular1.lzh.  The strings function located 51 .cpp file names and
> 120 .h file names.  I would assume that the code could be added to the
> XML package as an optional post DOM processing step.  Someone with
> SWIG or SIP experience could probably have the new module with RELAX
> capability up and running quickly.  I don't see a down side to adding
> RELAX as a feature of the XML package.  An XML Schema processing
> engine could be added along side of RELAX when and if XML Schema
> starts to be adopted widely.

I don't thik that we would want to add a lot of C++ to the
XML package, and then on top of DOM. We have very fast XML
parsers, that's enough of C. The schema stuff, whatever
flavor, should be at least prototyped with Python.

See also Henry S. Thompsons announcement of a Schema parser,
done the right way, written in Python.
Having the same for RELAX would make it much easier to
compare the two concepts. (But why, if it's there, soon.)

ciao - chris

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