[XML-SIG] Python 1.6 and XML

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@garshol.priv.no
25 Apr 2000 16:04:36 +0200

| I think other newcomers would also find it to be a good thing.
| Let's keep xmllib.

That requires a maintainer. But I suppose that regardless of what the
XML-SIG does, someone can assume responsibility for xmllib and keep
maintaining it.
| BTW, there seem to be at least two versions of urllib floating
| around, and one of them doesn't handle file: urls correctly when the
| path to the file includes the drive spec (as in c:\xml\file1.xml).
| This is because it keeps looking for a ':' after finding the one in
| "file:".

Are you sure that your understanding of file URLs is aligned with
what's described in the various specs? :) Perhaps you could give an

--Lars M.