[XML-SIG] [OFF-TOPIC] What's up with swig.org?

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Tue, 25 Apr 2000 20:10:32 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, Christian Tismer wrote:
> Sigh...
> Greg Stein, in complete ignorance of the announced
> deprecation of starship.python.net, wrote:

Oh, this is total bunk, Christian. I was reporting on the swig.org domain.
That has NOTHING to do with starship.python.net.

If you happened to build and deploy it that way, then great. More power to
you. But my statements regarding swig.org are completely appropriate.

> > On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Uche Ogbuji wrote:
> > > > Sorry for the OT post ... I don't know what the appropriate forum
> > > > would be, and I figure someone here might know.
> > > >
> > > > I wanted to try out 4Suite on my Windows box, but I see that it
> > > > requires SWIG. And I've been trying to access www.swig.org for several
> > > > days, but I keep getting 'unknown host' errors. Is the site down? If
> > > > so, will it be back up anytime soon? If not, is there somewhere else I
> > > > can obtain SWIG?
> > >
> > > Oops.  Looks as if David Beazley forgot to pay his InterNIC tax or something.
> > > I can't resolve it either.  Unfortunately I don't have a copy of SWIG source
> > 
> > Nah, the InterNIC is resolving it properly. His upstream provider
> > (Christian's skyport.net) is not providing any information for swig.org. I
> > would guess that it is a misconfiguration on ns.skyport.net and
> > ns2.skyport.net.
> Wrong guess. The InterNIC is resolving correctly what it
> fails to configure correctly.

What the hell does that mean? "fails to configure correctly" ??

WHOIS turns up "ns.skyport.net" and "ns2.skyport.net" as the nameservers
for the swig.org domain. I point at those servers and ask for any
information they may have about swig.org. Nada.

That tells me the NS servers are misconfigured. The NIC says they are the
authoritative servers, but ns*.skyport.net reports no information about

> It isn't a misconfiguration, but your misconception.

Not at all. swig.org is misconfigured at ns*.skyport.net. If that is the
wrong nameservers, then somebody needs to tell the NIC. In the current
setup, the NIC points to ns*.skyport.net and those fall down.

> My announce of starship.skyport's death is more than a month old.

Totally unrelated. We're talking swig.org.

> David and I are trying to get the SWIG domain moved, but
> something seems to be a show stopper. (Not my first
> experience with Networksolutions.com's Perl scripts).

What about their Perl scripts? What are you saying they dropped the ball
on? I presume that you're trying to say that you've submitted an NS update
to them, but it has not carried through to the DNS root servers?

> I-have-enough-real-faults-worth-to-attack - ly y'rs - chris

I was not attacking any fault of yours. I was stating what is going on
with swig.org. You replied that I have misconceptions, and that
starship.skyport.net is why. Feh. That's bunk.

If you had said "the swig.org domain was hosted on starship.skyport.net,
but that machine has been taken down (taking swig.org with it)" then I
would be fine. But that's not what you said, and it pisses me off.


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