[XML-SIG] Web Site Translation for Ligand-Protein Docking

Ping Lee ping_ll@yahoo.com
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 20:01:07 -0600

From: Ping Lee
To: Ligand-Protein Docking

Date: April 26, 2000

Dear Web Manager,
I visited your Web site at http://www.scripps.edu/pub/olson-web/people/gmm 
and would like to let you know that your Web site could also be presented
in other languages for broader recognition. If you feel that my suggestion
has no value, please kindly ignore this message and accept my apology.
According to research done by International Data Corporation, non-English
speaking users will make up over 50% of the total online population by 2002, 
and 70% by 2004. Business Web users are three times more likely to buy when 
addressed in their own languages (survey by Forrester Research). 
We specialize in Web Site Translation and Global URL Submission in 11
languages - English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch,
Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Our
customized service package includes: 
 1. Web page translation and Web programming localization -- We not only
convert HTML pages and graphics, but also ensure that the translated Web
sites fully function in the target language environment.
 2. URL submission and re-submission to leading search engines and business
directories in the target languages -- Our Web promotion specialists optimize 
the keywords and descriptions of the translated Web sites for ideal search 
engine rankings.
 3. Company profile translation and a free listing in GlobalListing, a 
multi-language business directory.
 4. Six-month maintenance program -- Web site updates, email translation, 
and unlimited technical support.
The translation is conducted by our professional translators who are native 
speakers and have years of Web translation experience. We are not hired for 
the ability to take a word in one language and convert it into an equivalent
word in another language. Instead, we get to the heart of communication and 
express the true meaning of your message, because we are aware that improper
translation may cause unrecoverable damages to your company's image. At 
GlobalListing, we are in the business of ensuring that you are 100% satisfied
with our quality services.
Thank you very much for your time.  Should you be interested in our services,
please contact me for a free estimate or any further information.

Best regards,
Ping Lee
Director, Web Translation
Phone: (604) 324-4638
Fax: (413) 431-2597
Office Hour: 9:00AM - 5:00PM (Pacific Time)