[XML-SIG] *.tex files in dist

Albert Wagner alwagner@tcac.net
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 12:05:39 -0500

For those who are seriously Latex impaired like myself.  Here is how I
got xml-howto.tex and xml-ref.tex printed out:
1) They appear to need helper files available in another download from:
http://www.python.org/ftp/python/doc/1.5.2p1/ (thanks to Andrew
download file: latex-1.5.2p1.tgz and unpack. The xml*.tex files must be
in the same directory with the files in Python-1.5.2p1/texinputs(just
2) run:
$ pdflatex xml-howto.tex        #if it hollers, answer q
$ pdflatex xml-ref.tex
There should now be two pdf files in the same directory which acroreader
can print.
I know that this is probably not cool, but it worked for me.

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