[XML-SIG] current status of the xml-sig

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Tue, 01 Aug 2000 12:53:42 -0400

Robin Becker wrote:
> Can someone explain what the status of the XML-sig is. All of the sigs
> at www.python.org are reported as terminating in June 2000. The SAX
> tutorial is at 0.5 Jan 2000 and neither it nor the other docs mention
> minidom or pulldom which are apparently going into 1.6/2.0. Is there a
> definitive python xml way now and if so where is it?

I don't think we have committed to a definitive Python way. 

There is SAX, which is still supposed to go under revision. If Lars
can't get to it soon, Fred will probably have to look at it.

There is minidom, which is done and awaiting some feedback.

Pulldom is currently an undocumented "implementation detail" of minidom.
I'd like to expose it but nobody here is really willing to say one way
or another.

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