[XML-SIG] DevDay results

Boudewijn Rempt (KDE test user) boud2@rempt.xs4all.nl
Tue, 1 Feb 2000 07:45:00 +0100 (CET)

(I ought to introduce myself first - while I'm not working
on the XML modules myself, I've spent the past month working
on a XML editor for KDE, using Python.)

On Mon, 31 Jan 2000, Paul Prescod wrote:

> uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com wrote:
> > 
> > My vote would be to bundle SAX and Expat, which will do for many uses.  If
> > they need more sophisticated XML, they can download the XML package to get
> > DOM, XPath, XSLT, etc.
> My concern is that I don't consider the DOM "advanced". Hell, Visual
> Basic and Javascript programmers can't even spell SAX but they all use
> the DOM. If a new user asked me which to learn first, I'd say "the DOM"
> because any semi-competent newbie can find their way around a tree(?) to
> get the information they need whereas being smart enough to buffer the
> right information in the right order takes a little more algorithmic
> fore-though ('scuse me).

As far as I'm concerned, the DOM is absolutely basic. At least, it's what
I turned to immediately when I started writing my editor. If a DOM isn't
included in the standard XML package, would it be allowable to include
it in every application that needs one?