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Fri, 04 Feb 2000 11:52:17 -0700

> I am beginning a project that will be using Python to manipulate a
> series of HTML and XML documents.  My first thought was of course to
> check out the xml-sig here, but I also see that there is a another
> implementation.  Everyone seems to be co-existing well enough, but I am
> confused as to which I should be using, are the xml-sig tools ready for
> use? Is there a comparison of the two somewhere?

The XML SIG has actually adopted 4DOM, 4XSLT and 4XPath, and once we sort out 
some details such as the packaging, they will be in the xml-sig distribution.  
I would say it's pretty "safe" to just go ahead with 4DOM except for the point 
that as it is now packaged, you would use it in such like:

import Ft.Dom ...

While as part of the xml-sig distro it will probably be

import xml.dom ...

At least for a while, we shall probably maintain a version using the old 
packaging, and if the needs of Fourthought and its clients diverges from the 
sig, there will probably be closely parallel versions for a while.  The key 
thing is that if your code depends on the "Ft.Dom" form, you needn't worry 
about having to hack it all into the "xml.dom" form for a while.

Hopefully this didn't just confuse you further.

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