[XML-SIG] Trouble installing PyXML-0.5.2

Prateep Siamwalla teep@mozart.inet.co.th
Mon, 3 Jan 2000 21:11:09 +0700 (GMT+0700)

Hello  pythoners,
I have been having some problems installing the latest python xml package
(downloaded from the XML-SIG pages)

My system is a RedHat 6.0, and I have installed rpms of Python 1.5.2-2 and
pythonlib-1.22-5.  I downloaded the PyXML 0.5.2 package and extracted to

I've tried running "make -f Makefile.pre.in boot" and 
"python setup.py build" from /usr/local/PyXML-0.5.2/ and I seem to be
repeatedly running against a wall which reads :

make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/pythonish/xml-0.5.1'
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/lib/python1.5/config/Makefile',
needed by `sedscript'.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/pythonish/xml-0.5.1'
make: *** [boot] Error 2 

Incidentally VERSION=1.5, installdir=/usr, and exec_installdir=/usr

I am very new to python and I fear I am doing something completely stupid,
hopefully this description is enough for someone to point out my errors,
if not, please tell me what other information I should provide.

-looking forward to xmling,