[XML-SIG] Future plans

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@garshol.priv.no
05 Jan 2000 12:29:33 +0100

* uche ogbuji
| Lars published a SAX2 module that pretty much covers the ground of
| the current status.  I've been cajoling the folks on XML-DEV to
| finish the SAX2 spec, and things are coming about slowly.  

I've been trying to follow the current discussion on XML-DEV (of
course it had to happen when I'm on vacation), and the plan is to let
the dust settle a little on XML-DEV before discussion is started here.
There are some things we might want to do differently from the Java
folks, so there will probably need to be some discussion.

In any case, things are moving along, although slowly.

| 4DOM comes with a pretty complete SAX2 -> DOM reader, which is used
| by 4XSLT.

Do you use my package or do you use the stuff that you put together?

--Lars M.