[XML-SIG] Future plans

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@garshol.priv.no
05 Jan 2000 12:34:29 +0100

* Andrew M. Kuchling
| Some things to do:
|      * I propose dropping the wstrop and xmlarch code from the CVS
|        tree: wstrop because Python 1.6 will have built-in Unicode
|        support of some strip, and xmlarch because architectual forms
|        are fairly rarely used, and don't need to be in the core.

I agree that wstrop should be dropped. 
|      * What about namespace support in SAX -- what's the status of SAX2?

SAX2 will have namespace support, but the actual form of it is
uncertain at the moment. I've also been thinking that we may want
qualified names to be represented as tuples, either

  (namespace name (URI), localpart (element type name), prefix)


  (namespace name (URI), localpart (element type name))

--Lars M.