Matt Gushee mgushee@havenrock.com
Sun, 9 Jan 2000 16:54:18 -0500 (EST)

Hmm ... this type of question is probably best directed to
comp.lang.python, rather than XML-SIG. But since we're already here:

JKnight496@aol.com writes:

 > I have an ACCESS database that I want to publish on-line.  Do I need to 
 > dowload
 > any type of decompiler to read the python scripting language?  

In general, no (I'm not sure such a thing exists for Python, anyway).
Python is an interpreted language, which means the executable
scripts/programs are plain text. Well, actually, Python programs *can
be* distributed in a compiled, therefore unreadable, form, but it's not
all that common. And the fact that your author referred to a 'script'
as opposed to a 'program' suggests to me that it's almost certainly in
plain text form.

Best of luck!

Matt Gushee
Portland, Maine, USA