[XML-SIG] Future plans

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@garshol.priv.no
11 Jan 2000 18:10:05 +0100

* Thomas B. Passin
| I think we should follow the lead of Megginson and the XML-DEV
| discussions on whether there should be a separate prefix part - I
| personally think there should be, but let's follow what they end up
| with on this.  

They have decided that the prefix should be made available.

| Yes, tuples seem to be the perfect way to do qualified names, no
| matter how the others want to do them for Java or C++.

They do seem attractive, but the trouble is that if we include the
prefix in the tuples, then the same name with different prefixes will
not be equal. We will have to solve this somehow, perhaps by making
incompatible changes the way they will for Java.

--Lars M.