[XML-SIG] trouble shooting XSL demo

uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Sat, 15 Jan 2000 20:17:33 -0700

> I'm trying to learn how to the python XSL package
> and ran into a difficulty right away:
> I try to run the demo like so:
> python /usr/local/lib/XSL/Processor.py addr_book1.xml addr_book1.xsl 
> And get the following error:
> IOError: (2, 'No such file or directory')
> The traceback started at:
> engine.include_xsl_file(name)
> ...

Whoa!  It looks as if the version you are trying to use is a year old.  Not 
only has the software changed significantly, but so has the standard as well.

You can get the latest version of 4XSLT at


If you are using Linux, RPMs are available, and if you are running Windows, 
please let us know and we can send you some tips for compiling the package.

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