[XML-SIG] efficiency? (was: SAX Namespaces)

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Thu, 6 Jul 2000 15:25:36 -0700

On Thu, Jul 06, 2000 at 12:45:22PM -0400, Fred L. Drake, Jr. wrote:
>  > 5. Pyexpat delivers the attributes as a list. Python 1.7 might just wrap
>  > the pyexpat data structure as a sequence rather than copying the
>  > attributes out (admittedly, more research is needed...!)
>   If this really is an efficiency problem, then perhaps creating a
> highly efficient AttributeList implementation in C is worth the
> effort, otherwise, something that allows random access to attributes
> by name (such as the AttributeList) in Python is fine.  Lists of
> attributes seem really hard to work with.

I don't believe that an efficiency problem exists in there. We are simply
mapping some Expat data over to Python data. Straight-forward.

I certainly would not want to see a C-based attribute handling thingy.
Python has rich enough data structures -- this stuff can go right over the
wall into Python without the need for wrapping it.


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