[XML-SIG] XML support in Python 1.6

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 23:00:57 -0500

"Fred L. Drake, Jr." wrote:
> ...
> There's a note that this can be done manually until James Clark adds
> it to the Unix build -- has *anyone* been in contact with James about
> this?  Guido will not add the expat sources to the Python tree, since
> that just creates maintenance headaches.  

Let me ask more formally for opinions on this point. If we use the Expat
sources *with no changes* and then in the Python build we set an
environment variable and call "make" on the Expat subtree, what
maintenance headaches have we caused ourselves?

The PyXML distribution does this today and as far as I know it has been
the least of our problems. Plus, we are going to have a dependency on a
pretty new version of Expat. I just don't see what the big deal is.

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