[XML-SIG] Moving PyXML CVS tree to SourceForge?

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 23:07:28 -0500

Greg Stein wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Paul Prescod wrote:
> >...
> > I think that there is an interesting philosophical and social issue
> > here. If we give them our data, shouldn't we be able to get it back in a
> > manner that is easy to back up and re-locate?
> Who says that we can't get it back?

SourceForge provides the following services:

	* mailing list
	* CVS
	* project management
	* bug tracking
	* discussion forums
	* shell/ftp access

Can you get back ALL of the information relating to all of these facets
of project development? Even the project management, mailing list
management, bug tracking and discussion forums? I mean without scraping
HTML screens? If so, bravo, forget I opened my mouth. 

If not, I think that there is some reason to be concerned that in the
middle of a project where you depend on these services they could
disappear with the metadata necessary to rebuild them.

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