[XML-SIG] You asked me when I was going to have pictures

AbbeyReynolds areynolds@hitmacca.com
Sat, 3 Jun 2000 18:17:07

Remember we were chatting a few weeks ago (Ikeep everyone's email if I can) and you got a little flirty, and asked me if I was ever going to put pictures of myself up?
Well I put together a silly little site up.  Just get a load of the catch line!

Meet the sizzling sibling that's in the room next to yours.  So available but forever out of reach.  
She sneers at you as she parades through the house, warning you to . . . . .

Look but DON'T TOUCH little boy!

Check it out for me, o'kay sweetie.  I think you'll like it - that is if you're into fetishey stuff like I am.