[XML-SIG] Problem installing Python XML

Dave Costa davecosta@netscape.net
15 Jun 00 13:05:34 PDT

I am attempting to install the Python XML package (0.5.2) on a Windows 95=

machine, with distutils installed.  I do have a C compiler already instal=
(Borland), but I can't figure out how to give the PyXML setup script the
information it needs to use it.  The specific error I am getting is:

running build_ext
building 'sgmlop' extension
cl.exe /c /nologo /Ox /MD /W3 "-IC:\PROGRAM FILES\PYTHON\Include"
 /Tcextensions/sgmlop.c /Fobuild\temp.win32\Release\extensions/sgmlop.obj=

error: command 'cl.exe' failed: No such file or directory

If you have any advice to get this to work, I would appreciate. =

Alternatively, is there a way to bypass the compilation of the C extensio=
ns so
that I can at least get the Python components installed?


Dave Costa

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