[XML-SIG] Extension modules in PyXML CVS

tpassin@home.com tpassin@home.com
Wed, 21 Jun 2000 21:24:42 -0400

Walter Underwood replied to my post -
> >
> > Fred, we're not all going to suddenly drop 1.5.2 and rush to 1.6, I
> > think.  Not with Unicode and all the other changes I gather are in
> > including the packaging system.
> Except that processing XML requires Unicode support. Technically, you
> can be legal if you parse UTF-8 and UTF-16 encodings, then throw away
> any characters outside of Latin-1 in later processing, but that is only
> useful in really specific applications. Anything vaguely general should
> handle Unicode.
> So, it makes sense to focus Python XML development on 1.6.
Yes, of course we want to be able to use unicode.  And yes, I did express
conservatism.  It's just that I'm not too clear on what code is going to
keep working and what is not because of unicode and other changes.  So I
don't want to switch everything over until I get a chance to try it all.

On the other side of this matter, I decided not to try anything with COM and
the Windows additions until 1.6 is out and the Windows stuff is working

> And this doesn't address your argument (conservatism), but 1.6a2 has
> been very stable for us in the past month of development. We run on
> multiple platforms, test on multi-CPU machines, and have a multi-threaded
> search engine with big native modules. I don't think we've seen a Python
> bug. And yes, we did find some in 1.4 and 1.5.
Stability - that's good to hear.

My thanks to everyone who is working so hard on this!


Tom Passin