[XML-SIG] Pulldom example

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 17:01:46 -0500

Ken MacLeod wrote:
> ...
> If I read right in another article, pulldom is based on SAX (possibly
> the pull-parser modified version of SAX -- not relevant to my question
> tho):  is pulldom just a SAX handler or is it something else?

Pulldom is a SAX handler but it depends on an incremental parser which
is, strictly speaking, an extension to SAX. The client does not see
Pulldom as either a SAX parser or filter. It isn't a SAX parser because
you don't have to register a handler or anything.

I think you Perl guys have always used pull-parsers, probably for much
the same reason's that I decided to do pulldom.

I've put up preliminary info and code here:


There is no rocket science involved in either the API nor the

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