[XML-SIG] Paul Prescod's pulldom

Rosalie Dieteman GSMiros@netscape.net
23 Jun 00 07:39:31 PDT

I'm very new to XML, so I think I'd be a perfect test case for Paul's ide=
a of
pulldom being a fast and easy way to teach someone XML.  I volunteer!

My application:  Writing a form and filling it with the values from an XM=
file.  =

My reasons for using XML:  Hierarchical, human readable.  I intend to kee=
p the
datafile size small, but have a multitude of them (which means I'll proba=
have a HUGE data file which contains all their file names!).

A couple ideas, probably half baked: I was thinking of using attributes i=
n the
XML file to indicate the fields/values which the users should not change =
elements for those that will provide text fields or other controls.  I'd =
like to use a schema file to indicate what sort of client-side validation=

(probably JScript) to perform, such as all characters numeric, certain
formats, etc.  Do you think I could just parse the schema file as if it w=
an XML file to get the validation rules?

I'd half decided to use PHP for ease of use, but from Paul's example, pul=
looks approximately as easy to use.

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