[XML-SIG] Re: getElementsByTagName interpretation

Rosalie Dieteman GSMiros@netscape.net
24 Jun 00 19:10:08 PDT

    Where this falls down is .getElementByTagName('X'), which returns a
    NodeList containing all 'X' elements in the tree. If this is live,
    then every time you modify the DOM tree by adding, deleting, or movin=
    an element, you have to ask "Are there any .getElementByTagName()
    NodeLists out there that would change as a result of this?" If you
    consider a change that moves or deletes many elements, such as
    deleting a chapter from a book, this seems quite expensive and

Another nasty situation I can think of is stepping through a NodeList del=
the nodes as you step through... in a "live" list, the list you're steppi=
through would be changing as you step... The obvious answer is to step la=
st to
first, but it's one more argument against "live"ness.

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