[XML-SIG] Re: PyXML writer

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 12:39:10 -0700

Eric Freese wrote:
> Paul:
> Perhaps I'm missing something, but when I use the PyXML/xml/sax/writer.py
> Xmlwriter class, the beginning PI does not include the version value in the
> startDocument method.  Is there some way to tell it to put that value out,
> since I believe it is required?

It's a bug here. Just fix it in your local copy and I'll get someone to
fix the official verson. Put in the version declaration between the
words "xml" and "encoding".

    def startDocument(self):

        if self.__syntax.pic == "?>":

            lit = self.__syntax.lit

            s = '%sxml encoding%s%siso-8859-1%s' % (

                self.__syntax.pio, self.__syntax.vi, lit, lit)

            if self.__standalone:

                s = '%s standalone%s%s%s%s' % (

                    s, self.__syntax.vi, lit, self.__standalone, lit)

            self._write("%s%s\n" % (s, self.__syntax.pic))

This code must have been written by a Norwegian SGML hacker. :)

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