[XML-SIG] Reconsidering the DOM API

Mike Olson Mike.Olson@fourthought.com
Wed, 28 Jun 2000 12:08:07 -0600

Paul Prescod wrote:
> Walter Doerwald wrote:
> >
> > Why not put children and attribute access into __getitem__
> >          c = b[0][1][0]["abc"]
> Not a bad idea as syntactic sugar. We should consider it for the NEXT
> version of the DOM API mapping.

I like it for syntatic sugar as well, but namespaces would make the
attribute access interesting

c = b[("http://www.fourthought.com","abc")]


c = b["http://wwwifourthought.com:abc"]

Also, for childNode access would we do anything about node types?  is
b[0] the first child, first element, first elment with a certain
tagname?  All I see as useful.


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