[XML-SIG] Contents of xmlcore?

Bjorn Pettersen bjorn@roguewave.com
Wed, 28 Jun 2000 12:45:46 -0600

Paul Prescod wrote:
> "Fred L. Drake, Jr." wrote:
> >
> > ...
> >
> >   Based on the recent mess regarding the DOM API, I'm not inclined to
> > include a DOM-like API until we have a specification for the Python
> > DOM API.  I won't have time to write one before 1.6 is done.  ;(
> Argh. We have four such specifications:
>         * 4dom
>         * pydom
>         * minidom
>         * http://www.python.org/doc/howto/xml/node14.html

Unfortunately I don't know too much about XML (but I'm being forced to
learn quicly <wink>).  From a beginner's perspective, any of the dom
APIs are more approachable than the SAX APIs.  I'm comfortable with
event driven programming, but still it feels much easier to think of an
xml document as a tree structure rather than a set of events
(investigative programming in the interpreter is tons easier too...)  I
therefore think it would be a mistake to not include a DOM like API in

I don't think I have enought experience to offer an opinion about which
is better (but as a datapoint, I'm using qp_xml since it is fast...)

-- bjorn