[XML-SIG] Reconsidering the DOM API

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Wed, 28 Jun 2000 11:43:21 -0700

Benjamin Saller wrote:
> ...
> I am just trying to encourage solutions with very simplistic usage
> patterns and would like to be able to 'sell' that. When people ask what a
> solution looks like in Java or ColdFusion or PHP I want to be able to
> point to a Python solution that is simpler and uses less code.

I agree, but

 #1. I have no time to write it.

 #2. People here are already nervous about including the DOM because it
isn't stable enough/tested enough for them. If you think you will be
embarrased to put our DOM against Java's DOM, imagine the situation if
we don't put in a DOM at all? At this point there are more nay votes
than yay and without a benevolent dictator it isn't clear what other
mechanism would decide inclusion.

Speaking only for myself, and not for anyone else in the group, I would
welcome a module that did simple XPath processing on top of our DOM. I
would support its introduction in 1.6 if 

 a) it came with a complete test suite that did reasonably full coverage
 b) it was "vanilla XPath" with few or no extensions
 c) it was very little code (i.e. a very small XPath subset)

In order to get the conservatives on our side, we might have to call the

import minidom
import experimental_xpath

experimental_xpath.addSupport( minidom )

dom.xpath( "a/b" )

I'm actually not kidding about going that far if that's what it takes to
convince people that we won't be locked into the API forever.

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