[XML-SIG] XML in Python 1.6 (PROPOSAL)

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake@beopen.com
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 13:20:52 -0400 (EDT)

Walter Underwood writes:
 > Looks good. We're using 1.6 for the next rev of our search engine,
 > and pulling Expat officially into Python would be really nice.
 > We'll pound on the Unicode/XML support on NT, Linux/intel,
 > Solaris/SPARC, and HP-UX.

  Great!  We'll look forward to bug reports!  ;)

 > How about "parser", since we don't say "doms".

  Good -- I like that better.

 > >  2.  Deal with PyXML -- two options:
 > >      a.  Rename the base package to something else, "pyxml",
 > >          "xmlextras", ???. 
 > "xmlextra".

  I'll leave the final name to Andrew on this one; this big issue is
that it involves a name change, which is annoying in many ways.


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