[XML-SIG] Pyxie

Sean McGrath sean@digitome.com
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 21:25:46 +0100

At 09:20 AM 6/29/00 -0700, Paul Prescod wrote:
>Ken MacLeod wrote:
>> The parsers on the Pyx site are expat and rxp ('xmln' and 'xmlv';
>> non-validating and validating, respectively), so they are fast and
>> small.
[Paul Prescod]
>But you have to run them in a different process and use pipes and
>"double parsing." For a long time I couldn't understand why you would
>choose to do that and then I realized that the real reason is to allow
>Pyxie to use a pull model rather than a push model of parsing.

This is not correct. Pyxie uses pyexpat directly. xmln and
xmlv are separate, utility programs, intended for command
line use in pipeline XML processing.

>But Fredrick has shown that you can do pull parsing without a separate
>executable so I don't really see the benefit in pyx anymore. If you want
>a simplified XML interchange format, you might as well use canonical

You cannot use canonical XML to achieve what PYX achieves. PYX
is a line oriented, utterly trivial representation of
the logical structure of an XML instance. Canonical XML
is neither of these things.



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