[XML-SIG] Reconsidering the DOM AP

Sean McGrath sean@digitome.com
Fri, 30 Jun 2000 06:27:13 +0100

At 06:54 PM 6/29/00 -0500, Ken MacLeod wrote:
>Considering the amount of effort already in this module, it would
>definitely be argumentative of me to try to "convince" you that this
>could be done, possibly just as easily to use, over SAX and DOM (using
>pulldom, a SAX filter, or similar, for example).
>What I would do is ask that the next time someone is looking for a
>good module to write would be to take a look at pulldom
>(SAX+[mini]DOM) and consider writing a SAX filter that has all the
>Pyxie value-add.  Effectively, this would be Pyxie but using SAX/DOM.
>In this way, we could wait until there's viable proof that it would
>work as simply and then we could look at merging these very valuable
>ideas back together in to a more cohesive whole.
Alternatively we could be more proactive than this. Why don't
we ask the community for half a dozen XML processing
"use cases"? I hereby offer to implement them using
Pyxie so that the implementation can be compared
with implementations using other approaches.

I think the code samples (plus the discussion that would
ensue) would make a valuable contribution to
the XML-SIG materials.



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