[XML-SIG] Reconsidering the DOM AP

Ken MacLeod ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us
30 Jun 2000 08:02:19 -0500

Sean McGrath <sean@digitome.com> writes:

> Alternatively we could be more proactive than this. Why don't we ask
> the community for half a dozen XML processing "use cases"? I hereby
> offer to implement them using Pyxie so that the implementation can
> be compared with implementations using other approaches.
> I think the code samples (plus the discussion that would ensue)
> would make a valuable contribution to the XML-SIG materials.

Excellent idea!

Some sources of use cases include several of the tutorial articles on
xml.com, which often especially beg for a simpler approach!

Here's a list of articles we can cull examples from (note some of the
freebies there for Pyxie ;-):


Note: the emphasis is on what's happing _inside_ Python using the
Pyxie API, what happens using PYX outside of Python is assumed to be
the same in either case.

  -- Ken