[XML-SIG] Re: Install_problems_on_NT4.0_Sp4_VC6.0_sp_3

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Tue, 14 Mar 2000 21:29:06 -0500

[cc'd to xml-sig@python.org, since this might be a PyXML problem rather
 than a Distutils problem]

On 13 March 2000, Alexander Riachtchenko said:
> after successfully installing distributils
> and trying to  install PyXML got
> -----------------------------------------
> D:\Program_Files\Microsoft_Visual_Studio\VC98\bin\cl.exe /nologo /Ox /MD
> -ID:\Program_Files\Python\i
> nclude\python1.5 -ID:\Program_Files\Python\include
> -Iextensions/expat/xmltok -Iextensions/expat/xmlp
> arse /c /Foextensions/expat/xmlwf/unixfilemap.obj
> /Tcextensions/expat/xmlwf/unixfilemap.c
> unixfilemap.c
> extensions/expat/xmlwf/unixfilemap.c(32) : fatal error C1083: Cannot
> open include file: 'sys/mman.h'
> : No such file or directory
[...big hairy traceback...]
> distutils.errors.DistutilsExecError: command 'cl.exe' failed with exit
> status 2
> -----------------------
> or may be,  I should  ask by py-xml-users about it?
> (i'm using py1.5.2 distutils 0.1.3. pyxml 0.5.3)

Yeah, I think this might be a PyXML problem: it seems to be expecting a
header file that's either not installed on your system, or not in any of 
the directories that VC++ is looking in.  (It might be a Distutils
problem, since Distutils tells VC++ where to look for header files.  Not 
sure.  XML-SIG, what's up here?)

The big hairy traceback is my fault though -- Distutils should suppress
those.  I started fixing that the other night and got
distracted... sigh...

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