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Wed, 15 Mar 2000 09:22:41 -0700


    It is lack of time.  We are currently working on porting 4DOM so that
it fits into the XML-SIG distro.  It should be done shortly.  It will not
change 4DOM from a users point of view too much.  All that should change is
where you import stuff from.

    BTW we hope to have this done and ready in a couple of weeks.


"Jeremy J. Sydik" wrote:

> I'm in the early phases of a project (Still at a point where I can
> decide between similar libraries ;) and have been wondering which DOM
> implemenation is the officially blessed.  It seems to be 4DOM, but the
> distro/xml-sig deliverables seem to be PyDOM based.  Is this just lack
> of time to update somewhere down the line or is there a disagreement in
> xml-sig?
>    Thanks
>       Jeremy J. Sydik
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