[XML-SIG] New XBEL tool for Windows users: xbelie

Chad Loder cloder@acm.org
Fri, 17 Mar 2000 19:44:53 -0500 (EST)

Hi. I have written a native Win32 freeware program to convert
Internet Explorer favorites into an XBEL file. This will be useful to
people who don't have Python on their system (like me), and hopefuly
will encourage more people to use XBEL.

It has no GUI (runs from the command line), so it's useful for
automation/batch files.

The program name is xbelie and you can download it from:


It's freeware. Here is the command-line usage:

Usage: xbelie [-o <outfile>] [-f <favorites path>] [-p <prologfile>]
   - The default output goes to stdout (the screen) instead of a file.
   - Your default favorites path is <WINDOWSDIR>\Profiles\\Favorites
   - There is no prolog file by default. If you specify a prolog file, it
     will be copied to the beginning of the output. This is useful if you
     want to customize the output (by adding a stylesheet or entity

If anyone has questions, bug reports, or feature requests, you can
either send them to me or to the mailing list.

	Chad Loder

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