[XML-SIG] Weirdness in 4DOM on Win32

Ludvig Svenonius ludvig.svenonius@excosoft.se
Fri, 31 Mar 2000 11:36:27 +0200

I've looked into the problems I had with 4DOM on the Win32 platform at
somewhat greater depth. One thing I found odd is that the list of available
parser drivers in the PyXML ParserFactory seems to only have one driver
registered: drv_xmlproc_val, even though I have PyExpat and xmllib also
installed on my pythonpath and fully available (I've tested them both). Is
this due to a bug in the parser factory or have I not initialized it

Also, the reason that the 4DOM test app couldn't locate the xmlproc parser
(which was the only one registered) I tracked down to a missing __init__
file in the xml.parsers.xmlproc package. After adding an empty __init__ file
to this dir, I finally got it working.

Are these bugs in PyXML 0.5.3 or am I missing something?

Ludvig Svenonius