[XML-SIG] Structural view of XML files?

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@garshol.priv.no
06 Nov 2000 10:13:18 +0100

* Dinu C. Gherman
| I'm using a little tool that I found *somewhere* and attached to
| this message in a slightly modified version. It is supposed to
| display an indented tree view of XML files. And this is what it
| does, but only as long as there are no entities in the files, like
| 'ü'. Sigh...

Have you declared your entities? If not that is probably the reason.
| Does anybody know of a version that handles this XML 'feature'
| as well? 

Entities are no business of the SAX application; they are resolved
before the application ever sees them. You use xmlproc, which supports
them, but you should note that you are using the non-validating
version, which will not read the external DTD.

If you want the validating version, try using:

SAXparser = saxexts.XMLValParserFactory.make_parser()


--Lars M.