[XML-SIG] Structural view of XML files?

Dinu C. Gherman gherman@darwin.in-berlin.de
Tue, 07 Nov 2000 23:07:23 +0100

"Martin v. Loewis" wrote:
> I wrote:
> > Well, I thought that would be enough to display a tree
> > view, which is all I wanted. I thought there is no need
> > for declaring or knowing about entities for such a simple
> > tool, as they do not affect the parsing of the elements
> > (or maybe IMHO they shouldn't).
> The problem is that you can't know what an entity expands to. It could
> expand to an element, in which case the parser should pull-in the
> definition of the entity, and your tool may want to indent the
> resulting text.

I guess you're right! I didn't think about the hidden com-
plexities 'under the hood'...

> I assume that you want the entity reference "unprocessed" in the
> output; XML parsers won't do that.

Right again! Perhaps that would be a nice-to-have feature
(switching entity expansion off) for the very simplest
cases, but well, I can do without...



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