Re[2]: [XML-SIG] XML appropiate for config files of a xml processor?

Stephan Tolksdorf Stephan Tolksdorf <>
Thu, 9 Nov 2000 15:38:34 +0100

Thanks for the many answers.

Nicolas Chauvat wrote:
> Why don't you just use 4xslt, the XSL processor that comes with PyXML and
> is maintained by 4Suite?

Mainly because my processor is a kind of programming exercise.
Secondly I think there could be a right to exist for a processor that
operates on a lower level than XSL and is easier to learn, at least
for my needs.

Guy Murphy wrote:
> One might consider...
> <element xml="example">
>         <start><tag name="p" /><tag name="p" /><tag name="b" /></start>
>         <content />
>         <end><tag name="p" /><tag name="p" /><tag name="b" /></end>
> </element>

This isn't really more easy to read or edit...

> Why for the example you give do you not simply....

> <template:element name="example">
>         <p>
>                 <p>
>                         <b><template:content /></b>
>                 </p>
>         </p>
> </template:element>

This is an interesting approach but not suitable for my case as the
content of <start></start> is not supposed to be correct xml in all
cases. Internally it is interpreted and processed as pure text.

Maybe I'll just use Python dictionaries but don't think it would be
the ideal solution...

Thanks again.

Stephan Tolksdorf

Best Regards,
  Stephan Tolksdorf