[XML-SIG] I used to dress my little brother up like a girl . . .

Jennifer salleydelapretty@yahoo.com
Wed, 15 Nov 2000 09:41:58


My parents always wanted me to be nice to my little brother 
Alex, but it was so hard.  I mean he was such a little sissy 

What is an older sister supposed to do with a faggy little 
brother who is always acting delicate and girly?

Well, I tried being nice, but then . . . he was just SUCH a 

I made up my mind that I was going to tease him.  I did 
everything in my power to drive him crazy.  I'd walk around in 
my underwear with no top, I'd leave the door open when I 

And my god if he ever looked at me, or got a hard on!?!  Boy 
was he in trouble.  I mean how disgusting for a little sissy 
boy to look at me and want me.  What kind of pathetic little 
faggot was he anyway?

Well now its 15 years later . . .and of course my brother and 
I get along great.  To prove it we put together a web site to 
celebrate our little Fetish.  Its called Bitchy Sister.

We would love it if you came for a vist and took a look at our 
preview pages.  If you liked what I just said above, just you 
wait until you see an ENTIRE site dedicated to it.

Bye for now and kisses,

Lucy Beil