[XML-SIG] Retrieving aggregate data types in elements using SAX

Ben Wiegert bwiegert@learningbyte.com
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 17:08:06 -0600

I am trying something out.  I parse XML docs using saxlib.  I have been
storing a date tuple in an xml document.  I can retrieve this as a tuple if
it is an attribute of the element through the attrs.get method.  If the
tuple is stored as a tag value, I can't get it as a tuple but only as a
string through the use of the characters function.  This is OK because I can
use the eval function on the retrieved value as a workaround and have it as
a tuple again.  But is this supposed to be like this, or am I missing
something on how to retrieve aggregates like lists, tuples or dictionaries.
It would be handy to store these in elements in an XML docs, and be able to
retrieve them directly.  Any feedback appreciated.

Ben Wiegert